About us


About us

We are a husband and wife who love travel, good food and have a real passion for bicycles – plus a fascination for technology that makes lives better. Over ten years of cycling in London, and on our holidays in Europe and Asia, we have seen just how much e-bikes (electric bikes) have improved and – perhaps surprising to some – just how much the UK has been part of the e-bike revolution. Alongside many others, we have pedalled to work on our bikes in all seasons. Gradually, electric bikes began to appear, and we thought we’d give them a try. What a revelation for commuting! It was amazing: just the right boost when we needed it, especially at the end of a long day. E-bikes really brought the pleasure back into cycling to work; we’ve made it our mission to share this joy with as many people as we can.

Why e-bikes?

First things first: an e-bike is not a moped or motorbike. Importantly, on an electric bike you still get to pedal and stay fit. On electric bicycles you have all the convenience of a bike, but with the added re-assurance of an electric motor to assist when needed. E-bikes are an environmentally friendly alternative to cars and public transport. From ‘ugly duckling’ beginnings, there are now smart e-bikes in every niche; they are becoming lighter, more compact and better looking. They come with better batteries and greater range than ever before. All our models are from trusted brands and most are designed and made in the UK.

High quality products & knowledgeable customer service.

We offer a carefully selected range of products: whether you are a hardy mountain biker, want a handy commuter bike (yes, even a folding one!) or are an older person still keen to get out on two wheels, we’ll advise on the best e-bike for your needs. And with our own backgrounds in service industries, we are committed to getting the details right. We work hard to maintain strong relationships with our customers and suppliers alike, and specialise in the best brands mostly from the UK and cycle-friendly countries overseas such as Germany and The Netherlands. We ship throughout the UK and Europe.


We stock accessories to go with your e-bike, so check our accessories section.

Get in touch

We work hard to keep our website clean and easy to navigate and we welcome your feedback, if there is anything which isn’t working or you saw something needing our attention, please do let us know. If you’re looking for an e-bike that’s our focus. We’re always keen to help. Get in touch via our Contact us page.


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