Why are e-bikes so popular?

Why are e-bikes so popular?

For those that have never really relished getting on a bike, we get it. Fear of exhaustion and getting left behind can be an embarrassing scenario and not one that’s likely to encourage. Alas, we sympathise but also we may just have the solution...an electric bike.

But that’s cheating isn’t it? Some see it that way, but in actual fact no, it is possible to get fit, have fun and really enjoy cycling at all ages and for all purposes! It’s no secret, these new modern e-bikes are already globally popular, so much so there’s pretty much a style for everyone. From biker style cruisers to mountain hardy all terrain, your perfect cycling partner is out there waiting to be found.

Those already enlightened to e-bikes will tell you, the pedal-assist function on an e-bike is simply amazing. As you pedal you’ll see it’s easier, faster and you’ll still burn calories! On some bikes there’s even dual power functions adding a throttle to the mix, so for those days when you really need it, deserve it or just for that cruise along the promenade, let throttle power take over.

It’s so easy to see why so many people are now realising the benefits of e-bikes. From the daily commuter who wants a quick non exhaustive commute to work to the 50-80+ who now needs just a little assistance to continue being active. E-bikes can even really help those just getting on the road to fitness. The benefits don’t stop there, you’ll save money, reduce your carbon footprint and even small businesses are reaping rewards by using customised e-bikes for deliveries.

How could an electric bike change your life? Now easier than ever to purchase is it time you explored the e-bike for you? Youre-bike.com only supplies the best of British and European e-bikes Click here to see our quality handpicked selection.

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Author: Caroline Preston/ The Jarvis Jotter

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