What is an e-bike?

What is an e-bike?

Okay no points for guessing, it’s an electric bike but not as you might imagine...some people will think of an e-bike as one of those from the 1990’s with a shopping basket on the front that whips along while the rider simply steers. If that’s what you are imagining then I’m about to shock you.

In case you missed it e-bikes have been rising in popularity, so much so that even the biggest cycling fans in the world have been converted. In 2018 cyclists in the Netherlands spent a cool €823 million on these machines and it’s showing no sign of slowing.

So what are they? Essentially, a cycle with battery powered ‘assist’ functions. Isn’t that just lazy cycling? Well it’s possible, but the most popular pedal-assist options still require some human power.

If you think of it this way, it’s a normal bike but suddenly as you pedal you are given more power than your legs would normally produce, a boost! With pedal-assist the power can be adjusted so whether you want to ride easy or up the tempo it’s up to you. Just think of the possibilities, cycling further, longer, and faster with no need to dread those hill climbs.

It’s not only your health that benefits here, free parking, low maintenance and no fuel to buy (bar charging power) are very attractive benefits, you may even find an e-bike means you are financially better off.

More importantly, think of the environment, with the reduction in toxic fumes you’ll be doing your bit for the planet and if this hasn’t tempted you think about the time you’ll save not sitting bumper to bumper.  You might actually arrive at that meeting stress free and ready for the day ahead.

There’s a huge choice of e-bikes, from all terrain mountain bikes to sleek city models and full on motorcycle style cruisers...tempted? As a quality retailer Youre-bike.com only works with the best British and European suppliers, visit our site now to start your e-bike journey.

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Author: Caroline Preston/ The Jarvis Jotter

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