Is an e-bike the right choice for me?

Is an e-bike the right choice for me?

The short answer, yes, e-bikes are suitable for anyone even an Olympian... Sir Chris Hoy once said “e-bikes are a nice combination of using your own human power and having a bit of assistance “I doubt we’ll see Sir Chris racing one anytime soon but you see, they do have widespread appeal and approval.

So what might you use one for? Commuting? Compared to regular bikes you can forget arriving at work all hot and bothered but on the flip side burning off stress off at the end of the day, not a problem! In addition, imagine taking away the parking nightmare and high running costs of a car, surely we are onto a winner here?

What about daily life? Did you know that many short car journeys are less than a mile and around 68% of journeys are less than 5 miles? Taking an e-bike could improve your physical fitness and reduce your carbon footprint. Also, what will you buy with the money you’ll save?  With so many options to choose from and technology getting better all the time there’s even options for riding in tandem.

Perhaps you’ve cycled for years but as you gets older your’e falling behind on that hill climb? An e-bike can help you to keep at your favourite pastime and keep up with your mates.

Think that they are just for oldies? You’re wrong. As technology improves so do the bikes and the features, whether your budget is £1000 or £50,000 you’re bound to find something you’ll love. With so many uses you’ll soon find a need for your e-bike every day, from relaxed cruising to hill climbs and day to day grocery shopping, commuting or even on public on transport (folding bike) you’ll soon be inseparable...

One thing to be mindful of is always buy a bike from a reputable manufacturer offering warranties and service. It’s worth noting that sometimes even though cheaper upfront, bikes from lesser known manufacturers can be troublesome when it comes to repairs due to difficulty and expense sourcing parts. Youre-bike supply only the best quality British and handpicked European suppliers, click here to start your e-bike journey with us today.

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Author: Caroline Preston/ The Jarvis Jotter


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