How to Maintain your E-bike: 3 Top Tips

How to Maintain your E-bike: 3 Top Tips

Let’s face it; you cannot stop patting yourself on the back for getting an e-bike. You still cannot believe what took you so long to make the switch when you finally realise you cycled to work every day this week, and what a blast your weekend ride on that hilly trail in the park has been despite the unfortunate weather!

But what about maintenance - how will you keep your new obsession in tiptop shape?

No fear! Looking after an e-bike and keep it running well for as long as you wish is a straightforward job and here are a few steps you can take yourself to make sure that that initial grin on your face does not fade away.

Follow these three simple ways to make sure your e-bike stays at its best.

1. Clean it!

Regular maintenance is the key to saving money and retaining performance. Neglected dust and grit are the enemies here, so get into the habit of wiping your e-bike frame and components as often as possible. You don’t need expensive cleaning kits, just a cloth, a good degreaser and oil for lubrication.

For a deep clean, which you should do at least every three weeks if you use your e-bike regularly, feel free to use water but remember to remove the battery before starting. Do not use a high-pressure water jet and always apply a degreaser to the cloth, never directly as it could seep into electronic components and get too close to the greased areas like the motor and axle. Applying a bit of pressure, gently remove debris and use an old toothbrush to reach stubborn dirt in nooks and crannies.

Keep your chain lubricated and free from grit and mud. After cleaning, make sure you apply good chain oil but remember, do not over-lubricate as this will make your chain stickier and will attract even more dust and road dirt.

 2. Pump it!

Just as you would do with a regular bike, make sure you keep your tyre pressure under control. Pump them regularly always following the pressure recommended by manufacturers. Riding with tyres that are too soft or flat, not only damages the rims but also slows you down and drains your battery faster. On the other hand, if your tyres are too hard, it can deform them and compromise your safety.

3. Charge it!

Consider the battery as the heart of your e-bike, so look after its health! Lithium batteries perform better when kept fully charged so try topping it up when at 50% capacity and never let it go completely flat.

If you are planning to go on holiday or taking a break from cycling, make sure you remove the battery and store it indoors. Extreme cold and hot temperatures can affect its performance and durability in the long run. Unfortunately lithium batteries lose their capacity over time but if looked after, a good battery can guarantee you two to four years of happy cycling.

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Author:  Giacomo Russo @ Giacomorussoimages


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